Technical characteristics

 Air-cooled flat twin-cylinder, two-stroke cycle

Particular Characteristics
Cylinder capacity
     319,58 cc 
Unit cylinder capacity
159,78 cc 
Cylinder bore
68 mm 
44 mm 
Compression ratio
Power (with standard exhaust)
20 HP at 6500 rpm
Maximum engine speed
6500 rpm 
Engine idling speed
2100 à 2400 rpm
Maximum take-off power

1 minute a 6500 rpm with Ø 120-cm propeller

Propeller speed
2100 rpm at 2400 rpm 
Blade tip speed
140 metres / second 

Engine specifications


Electronic flywheel magneto with Capacitive Discharge Ignition system

Electric generator
18V 54 W (battery recharge)
Fuel / air admission via a 6-blade reed valve fitted on crankcase casting
Petrol pump
membrane pump integrated inside carburettor

5-transfer port cylinders, JPX 2-ring pistons in silicon treated alloy

Cylinder head
light-alloy with central spark plugs, detachable
Lightweight alloy heat-treated, chill-cast
Connecting rods
forged in nickel-chromium-plated steel, case-hardened
All bearings are ball or needle bearings

Additional characteristics

   Engine rotation
        anti-clockwise viewed from front of propeller
Reduction gear
Poly-V belt reduction drive. Speed reduction ratio: 2.38:1
Tractor or pusher operation [propeller dependent]
Engine mounting
Qty 3 shock absorber mounts Ø 10x40mm at rear of engine and
Qty 1 Ø10x40mm below engine
Recommended propeller
Ø: 117cm to 123cm, pitch: 13º at 75% of blade length

70 kg with standard propeller

Starting system
electric starter motor
2.5 litres to 6 litres per hour depending on load and cruising speed
by 2.5% mixture
Recommended oil
Dry weight

15.5 kg complete with standard equipment i.e. reduction gears,
carburettor, air filter, electronic ignition, starter motor, exhaust system.

(Not included in weight: propeller, shock mounts, engine frame and screws)











Engine number: D330

Engine in standard configuration

Patm : 750 mm.Hg   Tamb : 13,2°C   Hygrométrie : 70%